Bosses in Darkest Dungeon 2 features a list of unique, powerful enemies that usually involve a "boss battle" sequence that requires the player to defeat or overcome in order to progress the main campaign or to unlock more features of the game. Bosses are not limited or normally seen at the climax of a particular act, but these dominant forces of nature can also be encountered in certain portions of the game, such as guarding an objective.

Bosses are generally stronger than the average enemy that have an exponential amount of health, a unique set of attacks, its own behaviour, stats, strengths, and weaknesses. This page covers a compendium of all the bosses featured in Darkest Dungeon 2 where players can find guides and strategies on how to defeat a certain boss, as well as information regarding its location, statistics, rewards, lore, and other relevant information.


All Bosses in Darkest Dungeon 2


deacon mini boss darkest dungeon 2 wiki guide 300px

Deacon: The Deacon has a tentacle-like body covered with what looks like an ecclesiastical vestment for its clothes, it also dons a headgear that resembles a skull and is wielding a giant battle axe. The Deacon is also a Cosmic-type enemy that belongs to the Cultists enemy faction. 

Harvest Child

harvest child mini boss icons darkest dungeon 2 wiki guide 300px

Harvest Child: The Harvest Child is represented as a deformed baby-like entity emerging from what appears to be a large cornucopia. The Harvest child also falls under the Plague Eaters enemy faction.


librarian boss darkest dungeon 2 wiki guide 300px

Librarian: The Librarian looks like an educated madman that is obsessed with fire and literature. The Librarian stands tall on burned and broken stairs, with burned pages found impaled on the left side of its burned body. The Librarian falls under the Fanatics enemy faction



cardinal mini boss darkest dungeon 2 wiki guide 300px

Cardinal: The Cardinal looks strikingly similar to the Deacon, both have tentacles that make up for the body, wears almost the same vestment, and dons a headgear that resembles a skull, but with few changes. The Cardinal doesn't wield a weapon, instead, it has an abnormally huge left arm. The Cardinal is also a Cosmic-type enemy that belongs to the Cultists enemy faction.


shambler mini boss darkest dungeon 2 wiki guide 300px

Shambler: The Shambler is a monstrous entity lurking in the shadows, with massive tentacles formed as its body and numerous eyes placed around its head. The Shambler is also a Cosmic-type enemy that belongs to the Cultists enemy faction.

Dreaming General

dreaming general bosses darkest dungeon 2 wiki guide 300px

Dreaming General: He is the General of the Lost Battalion and an option Lair mini-boss. Just like the other Cadaver army men roaming around The Tangle, The Dreaming General was once an honorable-turned undead general, now doomed to remain in his own General's Keep and with the overgrowth that has taken over.


Brain of Darkness

brain of darkness bosses darkest dungeon 2 wiki guide 300px min

Brain of Darkness: The Brain of Darkness, also known as the Denial Brain, is the final boss fight at the end of the Mountain through the Cathedral. Pity the Great Denier  - chained by its own command! The Brain of Darkness is a representation of human hopelessness, chained by the four locks of grief, representing lamentation, regret, wasting and despair. They must be cleared to win this battle. 

The Seething Sigh

The Focused Fault

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    • Anonymous

      Seething boss sems like a real baiter.
      I got both lungs by doing the mechanics, does not matter. The boss still does insane aoe damage if you follow the lung mechanic.

      The key seems to go real hard on the boss with mixed damage (on hit + dot)

      I'm thinking Occultist --> Runaway --> Highwayman -- Hellion

      Removing the hard block, a little heals and then just full out debuff with backline and go hard on boss with your front DOT DPS.

      • Anonymous

        Seething Sigh
        The front and back lung buffs the boss damage unless you do enough damage. It's usually just one lung and occasionally both are buffed (may be based on the turn number - not really sure).
        Stack up all your healing items and save them for the fight. You really don't want to spend a turn healing if it means the boss keeps the lung buff.
        You want to use damage trinkets as much as possible since preventing the lung buff from staying is really important.
        Stress is also annoying. I mainly managed mine through high relationship and Bolster.

          Order: Fetid Meat - Putrid Meat - Harvest Child
          Unique mechanic: "Harvest Hunger" debuff:
          >makes afflicted character fwd1 when it's their turn
          >if character A) is at or B) moves to position1: forces the usage of a unique (detrimental) skill "Feed the Hunger": 3-6, 5% crit, either meat targetable (all ranks), self: -15% max HP, -1stress
          >is removed afterwards
          *120HP, 1SPD, 2actions/turn, size 2
          *Resistances: BLD 10, BLI 60, BRN 10, STN 30, MOV 20, DEB 30, DD 33, (DIS 10)
          **Moves target-position
          *Maws of Life (AoE) xx21-1xxx, 6-10, 5% crit, Effect: Bleed_medium, Back2
          *Sapid Drippings (AoE) 43xx-xx34, 2-3, 5% crit, Effect: Blight_Small, Fwd1
          *Tantalizing Tidbit 4321-xx34, 2-4, 10% crit, Effect: Stress 1, Fwd 1

          FETID MEAT 47HP, 5SPD, 1action/turn, size 1
          *Tempting Aroma: 43xx-1234, 1-2, 0% crit, Effects: "Harvest Hunger", Blind 50%proc
          PUTRID MEAT 51HP, 5SPD, 1action/turn, size 1
          *Mouthwatering Aroma: xx21-1234, 1-2, 0% crit, Effects: "Harvest Hunger", Vuln 50%
          >Fetid meat will always hit your pos 4&3 (backrank), Putrid meat will always hit your pos 2&1.
          >Killing a meat leaves no corpse (important).
          >Either rush the boss or maybe kill 1 meat depending on which one you tend to find the most problematic (for me it's the Putrid meat which targets the frontline). Killing a meat will naturally make the boss use Cruel Harvest more often, so be aware.
          >Killing both meats is generally ill-advised as this will make harvest child use "Cruel Harvest" twice a turn.
          >Harvest child is suspectible to BLD and BRN and resistant to BLI.

          • Anonymous

            Dreaming general: 200+hp, 5spd, 40 BLD, 40 BLG, 30 BRN, 200 STN, 200 MOV, 40 DBF, 50 DTH
            Tap Root: 99 hp (invuln), 12spd, 200 [all debuffs]

            Creeping Growth: used by general, upgrades "Tangled Growth" to the next level of 2? allies
            Nightmare: huge AoE damage, removes strangles

            When strangled, ally is forced to use "Whispering Darkness" which has an effect of "75% chance to cause +1 stress to other allies" (along with wasting the affected's turn)

            • Anonymous

              Dreaming general: 200+ hp, the general regularly "upgrades" the encroaching tokens. at level 3 they remove your ability to attack and cause damage. must hit the invincible taproot to reduce it. general upgrades two tokens every time. if you keep hitting it he also causes "shifting soil" token, which does a lot of damage if something happens. not sure yet.

              Fought him twice, can barely get halfway through his hp.

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