Patch Notes in Darkest Dungeon 2 are all the patch updates available in the game. Patch Notes are usually regularly updated and released to improve and fix various bugs, make quality of life changes, make modification to the game mechanics, Items, Features, Abilities and Stats according to Developer observations, bug reports, and player comments. Developers will usually release a patch note update for players to download, along with a release date and revision number, where players can check to see the modifications and improvements over time.  Check back here, for information on any specific previous updated or upcoming updates to the game.


All Patch Notes for Darkest Dungeon 2

Darkest Dungeon 2 Road Redemption Update: (Build 0.20.46449)

Platform: PC
Roll Out Date: March 31, 2023
Notes: A combination of brand-new features plus many improvements to existing parts of the game. Much of the changes are based upon valuable community feedback.

 Routes: The Road Less Traveled

Stagecoach Tokens

  • The stagecoach itself now has 2 types of tokens: wheels and armor. These tokens do not recharge on their own, and must be replenished via the Wainwright at an Inn, for a cost. Wheel/armor Tokens can also be replenished via some encounters. Also, some stagecoach items can grant bonus wheels or armor.
  • When wheels or armor are full, the party gets a benefit. When they are exhausted, then it exposes the party to a new ambush.

Route Types

  • Roads are now generated with one of several route types, replacing the binary “fight/no fight” system we had. Icons are shown midway along the road segment on the minimap and are subject to scouting rules.
    • Safe: no effect, functions as it currently does, rarest of the route types.
    • Rough Patch: the potholes and poor driving conditions deduct 1 Wheel token
    • Hazard: a region-themed ‘trap’ that deducts 1 Armor token.
    • Combat: Functions as do the current road fights (except time limits have been removed)
    • Oblivion Tear: An inkfire wall that increases Loathing by +1 when the coach passes through it.

Urgent Repairs

  • When either Armor or Wheel tokens are depleted, and you choose a route that would ordinarily deduct a token of said type (hazard or rough patch), this sets off a roadside ambush combat with a special mutator: Urgent Repairs.
  • Urgent Repairs procs every round and targets 1 hero, replacing their skill bar with a single skill: ‘Repair Coach’. This is essentially a stressless ‘pass’, and requires players to deal with 1 hero out of action that round.
  • Furthermore, the party suffers a penalty based on whether it was wheels or armor that were depleted to cause the ambush.

Wainwright Maintenance

  • The Wainwright screen now shows the max + current total of Armor and Wheel tokens. Tokens can be replenished for a relic cost.

Stagecoach Controls: Roads & Intersections

  • To reduce coach handling labor, and to better reflect the game’s identity as a strategic experience, coach controls and intersections have been modified. Tapping “w” or “up arrow” will set the coach in motion, and “s” or “down arrow” will stop it.
  • Intersections present as a click-and-hold (alternatively w/a/d hold) decision point. If you make your choice in advance, the coach will not slow down. However, if you are late in deciding, the coach will halt at the intersection, allowing you time to choose your path forward. These changes affect the overall feel of traversal, and will require a bit of adaptation for experienced players.


  • There are 10 pets total in 5 different cages, which are visible on the coach exterior.
  • The first 6 pets unlocked have effects that synergize with specific categories of stagecoach items. The goal is to create stagecoach ‘builds’ focused around a pet. To achieve this, various stagecoach items now have a GEAR type tag and the effects on a pet will scale based on the number of those stagecoach items equipped. For example:
    • Unnatural Owlet provides +5% Debuff Chance per Tinker's Gear equipped.
    • The Tinker’s Gear tag has been added to Explosives Magazine, Blueprint Tubes, Assay Gear, Tinker's Bench, and Trapmaker's Kit.
  • The final 4 PETS unlocked have powerful combat effects.

Candles and Scoring

  • Removed the scoring penalty from abandoning an expedition between Inns. It’s still a good idea to try to reach the next Inn (because of candle bonuses), but you won’t get penalized if you decide to bail out.
  • Increased map candle spawn rates; increased candle inventory stacking by 1.
  • Added “Academic’s Honorarium”, which is a candle bonus to the first few runs on a new profile.
  • Region Goal rewards for Candles of Hope range increased from 1-3 to 3-5.
  • Increased starting hero goals candle rewards from 1 to 2.

Valley 2.0 Refinements

  • The Valley has been significantly shortened, and the Altar has been placed before the Confession screen, so that you can visit it at the end of every run. This will allow you to unlock paths and heroes, and immediately use them.
  • With the Hoarder and assist node gone, shopping/prep for the expedition has been moved to the provisioner of the first Inn.

Loathing 2.0

  • The Loathing system has been extensively reworked.
  • Instead of accruing at Inn arrival, Loathing now builds when passing through Oblivion Tears, or by visiting void-touched locations. As before, combat reduces Loathing. However, if Loathing builds to its maximum, the Confession boss stirs and inflicts a confession-specific attack upon the party.
  • Depending on your confession/boss choice, the max Loathing effect is different, but in all cases, the final boss also gains a health buff. This bonus stacks each time Loathing is maxed out.

Torch 2.0

  • The torch’s gameplay effects have also been revamped. The revision focuses on some thematic touches (chance of blind for heroes in the dark; chance of blind for monsters in the light) as well as removing some of the crit and DOT resist clutter.

DoT Changes

  • DoTs dealt by Trinkets and Combat items can now be affected by effects that modify DoT duration, chance, and amount dealt. To accommodate these changes, DoT effects on various items have been updated from % to flat value modifiers and/or had their potency adjusted. These changes can be seen below under the Items section.

Loot and Economy Balance

  • Combat, Inn, and Stagecoach items have mostly been removed from battle rewards. These item types have been available from many sources, but the amount obtained from battles overshadowed the need to purchase from shops or seek out locations like Academic’s Caches or Assistance Encounters. This also contributed to an excess amount of items leading to tedious inventory management. The stock has also been curated and added at various shopping locations.

Key Location Loot Changes

  • Field Hospital - Reduced shop selection as it’s not meant to be a shopping destination.
  • Hoarder - Improved shop selection of Indelible Trinkets and Stagecoach Items.
  • Inns - Improved default shop selection and additional unique selection for various inns.
  • Academic’s Caches - Better rewards and slightly more.
  • Oblivion’s Ingress - Cultist trinket and Dark Impulse drop rate improvements.

Drop Rates

  • Baubles from battles - increasing in some and reducing in others.
  • Removed Baubles and doubled the amount of Relics from Swine battle rewards and Sluice Caches.

Price Changes

  • Reduced stagecoach item prices.
  • Reduced trinket prices.

The balance adjustments are intended to ensure that every relic collected is valuable, and that the shopping/outfitting interactions in the game are meaningful.

Memory System Changes

  • Memory slots are no longer unlocked at the Altar of Hope
  • Instead, each hero instance unlocks their own memory slot by defeating a Confession boss. Each unique Confession boss allows this hero to fill another memory slot, up to the maximum of 5. Victorious heroes with no memories need to purchase a memory at the next Altar of Hope to persist.
  • Note that currently, only three slots can be unlocked because only three Confession bosses are in the game. Bosses 4 and 5 are coming at 1.0 release.
  • Example: Boudica the Hellion wins Denial Confession. Now she can have a memory installed. If she beats Resentment Confession, she can put a second memory on.
  • The Altar Memory track is used to unlock memory discounts as well as to give a better selection (more loot pulls) of the memories available to implant at any one time.

Notes on Memory for this Release:

  • When the new update is pushed, current runs will be invalidated.
  • Memoried heroes on these runs will be moved out of the party and preserved.
  • Existing memoried heroes will have their memories preserved even if they have not defeated each boss.
  • Moving forward, any character not in a party must have a memory assigned to them to preserve them.
  • If a memoried hero is in your party, they will only persist if you are victorious.

Assist Encounter Revamp

  • Assist Encounter choices have been thoroughly revised. The intent is to provide interesting choices for the party, primarily to help in the areas of torch, supplies, and repair.
  • They still function the same way overall. Choices have been audited and redesigned with intent of making the rewards previewed both better and more consistent.
  • Quirks are a major driver of special responses.
  • It should be more likely that if you are desperate for torch and roll into an Assist location, that at least one hero will want to interact in a way that actually restores torch.

Stagecoach Item Adjustments Overview

  • An increased focus has been placed on stagecoach items that produce combat items, which has been done a few different ways.
  • Changed Explosives Magazine from a stagecoach item that increases stacking to one that produces items with the explosives tag.
  • Updated increased stacking stagecoach items to align with the type of items produced.
    • There’s an item that produces Poultices and another item that increases stacking for Poultices.
    • We now have the functionality to increase stacking by item tag and type rather than unique items only.
  • Added additional effects to stagecoach items that have situational effects:
    • Hospital/Hoarder location scouting will also increase their shop selection.
    • Food barrel/Icebox getting additional effects based on the number of food items the player collects.

Misc Gameplay

  • Tutorial image improvements.
  • Removed negative affinity penalty for some RESIST location choices. Kept them for diametrically opposed stuff like CHARGE vs FLEE and FIGHT vs FLEE but removed for less extreme choices like FIGHT vs WITHDRAW or TACTICS vs WITHDRAW. Net effect should be less disharmonious affinity at RESIST stories in particular. This is intended to help with managing relationships. Feels bad to pick a Resist node specifically to keep Loathing under control and then get penalized with unruly heroes.
  • Reduced base torch drain by 20% based upon feedback.
  • Generation: increased # of node choices overall, to give more strategic options.
  • Generation: more hero shrines overall. More node choices per row overall.
  • Generation: The length of region 3 in the full-length expeditions has been reduced to more closely match that of region 2.
  • Altar of Hope track nodes have been added for wheels/armor.
  • Monster party difficulty shaping WIP (working on providing more reliable progression of easier mashes to harder mashes as go from region to region)
  • SC items slightly more expensive to unlock the Altar.
  • Economy: Relics and baubles now stack at 40 (was 24).
  • Economy: Adjusted starting relics and baubles to ensure proper amount of shopping at the Valley inn.
  • ‘+/-DoT/Debuff/Stun Chance’ and ‘Ignore +/- Deathblow’ changed to ‘+/-Dot RES Piercing’.
  • Added new relationship tooltip descriptions for Stagecoach, Pets, Infernal Flame, and Trophy stagecoach item types.
  • Added new Region Modifiers: Crisp Air, Foul Air, Foreboding, Treacherous, Loathsome, Marked Roads.
  • New Quirks: Spotter, Tracker, Void Sight, Pathfinder, Vigilant.
  • Quirks: Region Explorer quirks now have effects that scout routes.
  • Gameplay: Kills from DoTs now count towards item effect triggers and Hero Goal completion.
  • Slay enemy hero goal descriptions updated to better reflect the requirements.
  • Effects that remove positive quirks will no longer remove locked positive quirks.
  • Story choices (esp Oasis) should now properly show Stress Heal icons in gold and Stress damage icons in blue. Let us know if you see anything wrong.
  • Cultist locations now very unlikely to appear in first region past the Valley.
  • Numerous fixes to improper preview icons showing for various assist, resist, cultist, oasis, creature den, or Academic’s studies.
  • Monsters can no longer roll multiple consecutive turns in standard initiative order; this does not apply to special action turns or turns affected by Speed/Daze tokens.
  • General tooltip description and icon fixes.
  • Immobilize tokens now stack to a maximum of 3 and expire at a rate of 1 per turn.
  • Weak tokens applied by Death’s Door can no longer be resisted.
  • Added game settings option to stop the stagecoach when opening the character sheet.


  • Some Hero Paths have been converted to the new skill replacement system. In the case of Paths that had DMG buffs/debuffs, this will typically result in slightly higher values when factoring in the use of tokens such as Strength or Weak.
  • This work is planned for all hero paths on pre-Vestal release and will be rolled out over time.

Grave Robber

  • Deadeye path converted to the skill replacement system.
  • Nightsworn path converted to the skill replacement system.
  • Venomdrop path converted to the skill replacement system, which fixes an issue with the Blight on Flashing Daggers not being affected by trinkets.


  • Fixed an issue with Confessor’s Illumination unintentionally consuming CRIT tokens.
  • Confessor's Illumination now removes 2 positive tokens instead of 1.
  • Confessor's Illumination+ now removes 3 positive tokens instead of 2.

Shrine of Reflection

  • Highwayman now has barks during his first fight.



  • Cardinal: Exultation no longer ignores Riposte.

Creature Den

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Gander from spawning with Ordainment.

Lost Battalion

  • Knight: no longer receives Weak tokens on Death’s Door.
  • Knight: DMG bonus at Death’s Door increased to +50% from +30%.
  • Knight: DMG bonus when under Order increased to +50% from +30%.


General Item Changes

  • Combat items are now rewarded in full stacks.
  • Removed Ranged tag from combat items as it was not clearly communicated and was causing undesired interactions.
  • Added possession limit to each Trinket and Stagecoach Items which will reduce duplicate appearances of these item types.
  • Stagecoach Equipment are now called Stagecoach Items.
  • Replaced The Still Waters Shroud Lair boss trophy with The Lashing Tides.
  • Leeches: Now no longer target heroes that aren't diseased.
  • Added several new items:
    • Rural Riches (Valley Baubles)
    • Iron Banded Wheels (Stagecoach Item)
    • Steel Plating (Stagecoach Item)
    • Carriage Lamps (Stagecoach Item)
    • Wagon Jack (Stagecoach Item)
  • Items added to default unlocked item pool.
    • Greater Anchoring Charm (Trinket)
    • Greater Cleaning Censer (Trinket)
    • Greater Gilded Mind (Trinket)
    • Greater Hale Draught (Trinket)
    • Greater Heartseeker (Trinket)
    • Greater Protectorate (Trinket)
    • Greater Sharpness Charm (Trinket)
    • Greater Wolfsblood (Trinket)
    • Laudanum (Combat Item)
    • Milk-Soaked Linen (Combat Item)
    • Smoke Bomb (Combat Item)
    • Ethereal Dust (Combat Item)
    • Clarifying Poultice (Inn Item)
    • Academic’s Map (Stagecoach Item)
    • Mortar and Pestle (Stagecoach Item)
    • Worktable Loom (Stagecoach Item)
    • Spacious Storage Trunk (Stagecoach Item)
    • Tinker’s Bench (Stagecoach Item)
  • Items removed from the default unlocked item pool.
    • Noisemaker
  • Added new item tag Explosive
  • Added new stagecoach item tags. Below are the tags and which stagecoach items they have been added to:
    • Food Gear: Food Barrels, Ice Box, Pot and Still, Stew Pot, and Griddle.
    • Luxury Gear: Collector's Chandelier, Worktable Loom, Windchime, Tea Service, Trinket Organizer, Merchants Guild Seal, Strongbox, Spacious Strongbox.
    • Medical Gear: Medicine Chest, Bottle Case, Compress Kit, Mortar and Pestle, Medical Equipment, Alembic and Retort, Chirurgeons Table, and Chirurgeon's Mixing Kit.
    • Road Gear: Leaf Suspension, Iron Brazier, Iron Banded Wheels (new), Steel Plating (new), Carriage Lamps (new), Wagon Jack (new).
    • Scouting Gear: Crows Nest, Shrine Map, Hoarder Signal Decoder, Tracker's Map, Telescope, Academic's Map, and Chirurgeon's Directory.
    • Tinker’s Gear: Explosives Magazine, Blueprint Tubes, Assay Gear, Tinker's Bench, Trapmaker's Kit.

Combat Items

  • Linseed Oil Flask: Removed Trap tag.
  • Otherworldly Fragment: Reduced amount found at certain Academic Studies.
  • Ethereal Dust: Removed from general combat item loot pool and now can only be found at certain Academic Studies and chance when defeating the Shambler. Increased stacking from 1 to 2.
  • Scrap Grenade: Tag changed from Contraption to Trap. Now produced by Trapmaker's Kit.
  • Spiked Ball: Tag changed from Contraption to Trap. Now produced by Trapmaker's Kit.
  • Ichor Bomb: Tag changed from Contraption to Explosive. Now produced by Explosives Magazine.
  • Greek Fire Grenade: Tag changed from Contraption to Explosive. Now produced by Explosives Magazine.
  • Incendiary Cocktail: Tag changed from Contraption to Explosive. Now produced by Explosives Magazine.
  • Spore Grenade: Added Explosive tag. Now produced by Explosives Magazine.
  • Laudanum: Now guaranteed to be available for purchase at Field Hospitals and Inns.
  • A Glimmer of Hope: Now guaranteed to be available for purchase at the Hoarder and Inns.

Inn Items

  • Whiskey Barrel: Now gives +3 Affinity (67%) or -2 Affinity (33%) rather than +1 Affinity (75%) or -1 Affinity (25%)
  • Whiskey Bottle: Now gives +3 Affinity (67%) or -2 Affinity (33%) rather than +1 Affinity (67%) or -1 Affinity (33%)

Stagecoach Items

  • Food Barrels: Now increases stacking for all Food tagged items. Added effect, ‘If Food in inventory >= 10: +10% Resolute chance’
  • Icebox: Increased chance to find. Added effect, '+1% Disease RES per Food in inventory'
  • Pot and Still: Increased chance to find. Added effect, ‘Increases stacking for Whiskey by 4 per stack’
  • Strongbox: Now lists Baubles rather than each individual type of Baubles. Increased stacking bonus from +8 to +12
  • Spacious Strongbox: Now lists Baubles rather than each individual type of Baubles. Increased stacking increased from +24 to +40
  • Collector's Chandelier: Increased stacking from +3 to +4. Added effect, ‘+33% Candle of Hope chance at Locations’
  • Medicine Chest: Now increases stacking for Bandages and Restorative items. Added effect, ‘+2 quantity of produced items from Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit’
  • Bottle Case: Now increases stacking for Concoctions and Powders. Added effect, ‘+2 quantity of produced items from Alembic and Retort’
  • Compress Kit: Now increases stacking for Poultices. Added effect, ‘+2 quantity of produced items from Mortar and Pestle’
  • Chirurgeons Table: Changed effect from '+30% Travelling Heal' to 'After Each Location: Remove Disease (10%)'
  • Crows Nest: Increased Location Scouting from +15% to +20%
  • Hoarder Signal Decoder: Added effect, ‘Double the trinket selection at the Hoarder’.
  • Telescope: Changed ‘+20% Scouting’ to ‘+33% scouting for specific routes’
  • Academic's Map: Added ‘+100% Academic’s Studies Location Scouting’
  • Chirurgeon’s Directory: Added effect, ‘Double the item selection at the Field Hospital’
  • Explosives Magazine: Changed ‘Increases stacking for Incendiary Cocktail, Smoke Bomb, Ichor Bomb by 4 per stack’ to ‘Increases stacking stacking for Explosives by 2 per stack’ and ‘Before Each Location: Chance to produce Explosive items’
  • Blueprint Tubes: Changed ‘+200% increased chance of looting STAGECOACH ITEMS’ changed to ‘+1 quantity of produced items from Stagecoach Items’
  • Tinker's Bench: Added effect, ‘Increases stacking for Contraptions by 2 per stack’
  • Trapmaker’s Kit: Added effect, ‘Increases stacking for Traps by 2 per stack’


  • Idle Thought: -30% Damage per Round changed to ‘Round End: -30% DMG(1 Battle)
  • Strong Shackles: Now applies 2 Immobilize tokens instead of 1. Chance to apply Immobilize tokens reduced from 33% to 25%
  • Corrupted Bile Gland: Now has a guaranteed chance to apply DoTs to the hero when hit
  • Celebrated Chalice: Moved to default unlocked loot pool
  • Tinderbox: Reduced Burn applied from 2 to 1 and chance from 66% to 33%
  • Fishmonger's Gloves: Reduced Bleed applied from 2 to 1 and chance from 66% to 33%
  • Poison Ring: Reduced Blight applied from 2 to 1 and chance from 66% to 33%
  • Fisherman’s Line: Chance to apply Bleed while serrated item equipped reduced from 50% to 33%
  • Enlightening Element: Chance to apply Burn reduced from 33% to 25%
  • Curing Cuppa: Chance to apply Blight reduced from 33% to 25%
  • Charred Litany: +100% Burn Dealt to +3 Burn Dealt
  • Severed Finger: +33% Bleed Dealt changed to +2 Bleed Dealt. +33% Bleed Received changed to +1 Bleed Received.
  • Bloodied Branch: +33% Bleed Dealt changed to +2 Bleed Dealt
  • Tormenting Locket: +33% Bleed Dealt changed to +2 Bleed Dealt
  • Early Experiment: +66% Blight Dealt changed to +2 Blight Dealt. Spore Grenade requirement changed to requiring a Noxious Item.
  • His Rings: +33% Blight Dealt changed to +2 Blight Dealt
  • Knitted Blanket: +33% Burn Dealt changed to +2 Burn Dealt


  • Fixed hero goal description that displayed the incorrect requirements needed for using Ounce of Prevention in a single fight
  • Fixed incorrect loot dropping from valley road debris
  • Fixed an error that came up when changing languages in driving
  • Fixed an issue where A Glimmer of Hope triggered a positive affinity tick
  • Fixed the combat description for The Blood that was displaying Stress rather than Horror
  • Fixed Play Out with Royal Summons trinket where it now removes Vulnerable before the Block is added
  • Fix missing SFX on Funeral Pyre
  • Fixed an issue with torch light popping on node approach instead of fading out
  • Fix missing tooltip SFX on memory icon and minimap
  • Added new low quality settings version of the opening cinematic
  • Fixes an issue where the hero goal panel wasn't updating in driving
  • Fixed an issue where Obsession boss tokens were briefly present on valley enemy
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the camera would get stuck in an awkward position after failing and returning to the Valley
  • Added Embark save validation and inn rollback if no valid save is found
  • Fixed various issues with multiple visual effects in the Altar of Hope ui
  • Added pop text for when 0 torch ambush fight is triggered "The Flame is Exhausted!"

Known Issues With This Build

  • All non-English Assist encounter barks have not yet been adjusted for the new choices, and you will see errors (either missing strings or incorrectly assigned strings)
  • All new strings are currently only in English. Localization will be patched in as soon as we have them delivered
  • If you play using a memoried hero directly after an invalidated run, you may notice stat changes are not updating outside of combat (i.e. food buffs do not visibly change HP values in the Inn). The buffs are all still applied, but their changes aren't reflected until getting into combat. The developers are currently working on a fix, but in the meantime quitting the game and reloading should fix this issue.


Darkest Dungeon 2 Patch Notes: M4 (Build 0.15.36653)

Platform: PC
Roll Out Date: August 15, 2022.
Notes: M4 - The Oblivion's Ingress


  • Updated the environment art for the Guardian node
  • Low light Cultist ambushes now include a Deacon or Cardinal instead of only standard Cultists
  • Reaching maximum Doom will now result in an Exemplar fight
  • You can no longer retreat from Guardian nodes
  • Guardian nodes now consist of 2 Cultist battles, with the nature of the second battle being determined by biome
    • Biome 1 ends with a Deacon fight
    • Biome 2 ends with a Cardinal fight
    • Biome 3 ends with an Exemplar fight
  • Cultist fights on the Mountain are no longer randomized
    • First fight contains an Exemplar
    • Second fight contains a Deacon and Cardinal
  • The Deacon's "The Flesh Warps" now randomizes whether it starts on the -50% melee or -50% ranged defense buff
  • All Worship skills are now considered Free Actions.  This means:
    • They no longer occur automatically at the start of a round
    • They occur as part of the Cultist's turn, so they are subject to Stun/DOT damage
    • They do not end the Cultist's turn on use
    • More than one Cultist can now Worship in the same round


  • [community] Updated how combat items and other free actions affect turns:
    • An immediate benefit players will experience is that we’ve set it up so that Turn End triggers (certain trinkets, buffs, duration countdowns, etc) to only occur after a skill is used that would end the turn
  • [community]Updated mini-map tooltips for Cultist Territory and Guardian nodes, to now use their lore /game terms of Oblivion's Ingress and Oblivion's Rampart respectively. 
  • Oblivion’s Ramparts now reduce Loathing by 1, instead of 2, because they are no longer optional
  • Cultist encounters reward adjusted for changes to Oblivion’s Rampart wave count
  • Reduced drop chance for cultist trinkets from all cultist fights
  • Dark Impulse now drops from encounters at Oblivion’s Rampart
  • Fixed an issue where both cultist trinkets would not be returned after a hero death
  • [community]Dark Impulse: now drops with random effects and the inventory frame has been updated to match other Unforgettable trinkets 
  • [community]Generic trinkets no longer appear in The Academic's Study
  • Uncommon Seashell now properly checks when the Leper is bleeding, not the enemy
  • Food inn items no longer heal
  • Fixed an issue with a Creature Den choice showing that it would Blind enemies when it would Daze them
  • Footman's Grog: Removed -25% DMG Taken
  • Trinket condition tool tips for stress now use the amount rather than percent
  • Fixed an issue with a Creature Den flee option that resulted in combat instead
  • Creature Den and Resist nodes that apply negative effects to monsters on start are now non-resistable
  • [community]Fixed an issue where converting stacks of certain token types, such as Vulnerable to Block, caused them to cancel one another out before conversion was complete
  • Fixed an issue where "Random' AoE Multi-Hit skills would ignore Taunt and Stealth tokens
  • Fixed several combat items not triggering their VFX
  • Fixed an bug where a HP debuff from a quirk caused from a meltdown would force hero into Death’s Door
  • Fixed a Softlock issue caused by a hero corpse and extra turn effects
  • Fixed an issue where an unprocessed stress trigger resulted in a seemingly random meltdown in the inn
  • Fix to movement happening after effect results
  • Fixed an issue where moved enemies would ignore the immobilized token from a bear trap
  • Fixed an issue where a Trench Run biome would fail to generate due to impossible goals


  • Fixed an issue with Runaway's Searing Strike DOT not being correctly affected by trinkets 


  • Various driving camera obstruction fixes
  • The Inn lantern now correctly has it's light placed inside the lantern and not below it


  • Fixed a mouseover hitbox with the stagecoach torch being obscured sometimes resulting in flickering UI elements
  • Torch UI should now correctly deactivate during Narrative sequences
  • The Tempting Goblet Inn tooltip has been updated to remove the misleading Until Next Inn portion of it's stress heal effect
  • Fixed an issue that would show the torch value countdown in various game UIs when Infernal Torch is equipped
  • Fixed a display issue with Ignores effects on skills, ie Grave Robber's Thrown Dagger Skill or Leper's Chop+
  • Hero Path seal and text are now color coded to help distinguish them against each other
  • Fixed some awkward Torch deactivation and activation around the Valley Bridge 
  • Fixed an issue where the Inn travelogue would use default names for characters rather than their player specified names
  • Fixed an issue with Docker hatched from a Cabin Boy incorrectly having a 1-slot HP bar for 2-slot character
  • Fixed an issue where the self-target indicator would briefly show on Pass


  • There is a known presentation issue with the death of the Act 2 boss when killed by a combat item. We will deploy a hotfix for this as soon as we have the issue resolved internally. 

Darkest Dungeon 2 Patch Notes: M3

Platform: PC
Roll Out Date: July 19, 2022.
Notes: M3 - Trinkets and Baubles

Trinket System Changes

  • Massive trinket changes! See full list below.
  • Profile unlocks for trinkets have been updated
  • Region trinkets now only appear in their respective regions -- including trinkets sold by The Hoarder and found in Academics Cache
  • Field Hospitals no longer sell trinkets


  • 9 new Paths added; 1 per Hero
    • Grave Robber: Venomdrop
    • Hellion: Carcass
    • Highwayman: Yellowhand
    • Jester: Intermezzo
    • Leper: Monarch
    • Man-at-Arms: Bulwark (new version)
    • Occultist: Aspirant
    • Plague Doctor: Physician
    • Runaway: Orphan


  • Take Aim and Take Aim+ now have a 1 round cooldown
  • Highway Robbery and Highway Robbery+ are now considered Melee skills

Man-at-Arms (Bulwark Path)

  • Bulwark renamed to Vanguard with new flavor text
  • HP bonus reduced to 20% from 33%
  • Crush DMG bonus reduced to 50% from 100%
  • Riposte DMG bonus reduced to 50% from 100%


  • Binding Shadows and Binding Shadows+ launch ranks changed to 1 2 3 from 2 3 4

Occultist (Ritualist Path)

  • Ritualist Path no longer increases Sacrificial Stab damage
  • Vulnerable token is no longer resistable
  • Vulnerable chance raised to 33% from 25%
  • Cursing Skills bonuses now apply to Malediction
  • Cursing Skills now have a +10% Debuff Chance


  • Ransack and Ransack+ can now be used in all ranks
  • Smokescreen and Smokescreen+ can now be used in all ranks
  • Cauterize and Cauterize+ launch ranks changed to 2 3 4 from 1 2 3
  • Controlled Burn and Controlled Burn+ launch ranks changed to 1 2 3 from 1 2
  • Controller Burn and Controlled Burn+ no longer ignore Dodge or Blind
  • Controlled Burn and Controlled Burn+ now have an initial Burn application, dramatically accelerating the DOT process; this can be dodged or miss but the Controlled Burn token will still be applied as it was before


  • Fixed an issue where characters with Breacher would forget where they are supposed to be if you quit the game during combat start
  • Fix to dot damage based damage calculation to account for dot damage buffs
  • Current HP now scales up or down when max HP is modified
  • Added more hero specific act out barks
  • Added missing Stew use limit barks


  • Fixed some road collision with tiles in The Sprawl and The Foetor
  • Cleaned up z-fighting issues that were found/reported


  • Fix to torch affinity buffs so they show up on the HEROES side of the torch tooltip
  • Fixed an issue with Master Hero Path upgraded skill icons would carry over to other characters while  building your party at the Crossroads
  • Fixed an issue where the Attack preview would sometimes focus on enemies without mouseover
  • Fixed an issue with ui scaling when opening the biome goal ui panel while driving
  • Fixed an issue where heal preview would double if the skill was selected with keyboard, then mousing over the actor.
  • Added tooltip max width text wrapping
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Profile Wheel scrolling
  • Fixed the biome pane background image from jumping/flickering on mouseover
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to click the continue button on the results screen while invisible
  • Added vfx for Ordained enemy icons
  • Discounts granted via stagecoach items now correctly show on store tooltips when discounts are present
  • Updated Trinket tooltip text and frame colors, as well as minor art repositioning
  • Removed “Discard for Hope” line in the Inventory UI
  • Removed the ability to open the pause menu the Lair/Guardian loot window is open
  • Fixed a vfx and ui flicker issue when placing the cursor on the edge of the hero roster ribbons
  • Added Quirk remove pop text when coming from a trinket
  • Added Diseases gained pop text when coming from a quirk

Hero Shrines

  • Man-at-Arms Shrine Challenge 2: increased difficulty by decreasing Handful of Dirt damage as well as increasing stress damage taken from the ghosts
  • Plague Doctor Shrine Challenge 2: Decreased stab damage for the Plague Doctor
  • Leper Shrine Challenge 2: Advisors will do more damage, but Leper can heal a bit more and gets Block+ instead of Block


  • Slayer of Fisherfolk had an incorrect banter effect
  • Sanguine stress heal chance reduced to 25% from 100%


  • Guardian Node final combats no longer only award city currency
  • Cleaned up some city VFX decor items on common nodes to increase performance
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur by abandoning a run right as combat starts
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to equip up to 2 cultist trinkets with them both being unlocked as if Dark Impulse was equipped. 
  • Fixed an issue where end turn effects would happen before the skill result was applied
  • Fixed an issue where double kills could result in an invalid corpse and thus blocks creature summons
  • Added confirmation dialog check for pause menu
  • Added error SFX when double-clicking a player inventory item to equip fails in certain cases
  • [Community] Fixed an issue where the Almanac: The Shroud appeared twice and the Almanac: The Tangle wasn’t appearing at all from certain Academic Studies.
  • Fixed an issue with the General's Dream trophy showing the incorrect version of the Immobilize token
    Stitching Kit no longer appears in Field Hospitals

Known Issues

  • Venomdrop: additional Blight granted by Path cannot be adjusted by Trinkets


Darkest Dungeon 2 Patch Notes: 0.10.29156

  • Platform: PC
  • Roll Out Date: Nov. 5, 2021.
  • Notes: A massive Academic’s Cache of fixes, tuning, and audio/visual polish.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several combat affinity changes for healing and buffing that were broken and now should trigger correctly. These not working contributed to the problem that affinity changes were often due to illogical or annoying things like Kill Stealing.
  • A fix for a corrupt save issue which was caused by combat getting in a state where it would infinitely create saves.
  • Fixed an inventory exploit.
  • Various improvements to our saving method to reduce file size and work more efficiently with our in-game report tool.
  • Updated the replay cinematic button at the House of Denial to be more legible/recognizable for relating to the cinematic.
  • Audrey is now holding her daggers more appropriately when forming a relationship with others.
  • Paracelsus’ bag no longer disappears when forming a relationship with others.
  • Fix to combat barks not spawning. Characters will now be a bit more chatty while in combat. (don’t worry these won’t be as interrupting as act outs)
  • Fixed an issue with hotkey mapping for skills in combat.
  • Various subtitle fixes.
  • Fix for missing monitor select dropdown, added friendly monitor names.
  • Updated stress bar pips to better communicate important affinity thresholds.
  • Fix for meltdowns / act outs happening during hero story fights from driving stress…
  • Fix for dysentery effect double applying on load.
  • Fix for Recovery Marker not triggering for Riposte.
  • Disable fight breaking act out combo on Tap Root .
  • Fixes some item drag issues, one which leads to a soft lock
  • Fix to quirk log entries showing up from leper hero story fight.
  • Fix for Pit Fighter death's door conditions.
  • Fix to Dreaming General softlock.
  • Remove 1.0s wait when actors don't have a death timeline to fix turns being calculated with dead / removed actors..
  • Fix to removing a quirk that you have an act out for at the hospital.
  • Fix for some enemy heals not showing poptext.
  • Replace quirk icon reward with the correct version.
  • Fix to token view on death soft lock.
  • Updated Game Credits
  • In-game Cinematics can now always be skipped.
  • Added min cost to the store cost multipliers to prevent items from costing 0
  • Fixed DOT triggering again at the start of turn if you previously quit and then loaded back into combat
  • Fixes for end of combat issues that could result in rendering errors or post-skill effects being skipped


  • Increased font size for bottom left tooltips in combat.
  • Additional Resist labels for tooltips.
  • Added relic cost display to BRIBE resist story choices.
  • Biome goal label color update.


Affinity System (Relationships)

  • Large tuning pass based upon first observations. Short term goal is to have less chatter and instead have a smaller number of more meaningful moments.
  • Affinity changes:
    • Fixed up several important but broken affinity change events to do with healing, buffing.
    • Reduced proc rates for many affinity change events, especially the most annoying ones.
    • Increased effects of the most meaningful and logical of affinity changes. (e.g. Hero A is on death’s door and Hero B chooses to heal someone else. Hero A gets upset.)
  • Relationship Act Outs:
    • Audit and adjustment of all proc rates. Further iterations expected.
    • Generally increased magnitude of the things that positive and negative Act Outs can do. Looking for bigger moments and less noise and interruptions.
    • Added variety to some positive and negative act outs. For example, buffs might now include other tokens besides strength. Debuffs can included variety too.
  • Relationship Stat bonuses:
    • Reduced relationship DOT resist buffs/debuffs because they were stacking too high.
    • Reduced relationship Deathblow resist buffs/debuffs because was stacking too high
  • Meltdowns:
    • New stress after meltdown is 2 (was 5); chance of meltdown quirk reduced a bit. Goal was to reduce meltdown cycles.
    • Meltdowns will no longer give “Lost in …” quirks. Those are reserved for cosmic stuff.


  • Reduced cap Deathblow Resist to 90% from 95%.
  • Stress recovery from skills now operates on thresholds similar to Healing.
  • Tooltips related to Stress threshold have been updated for better legibility.
  • Prevented numerous skills from being used on corpses.
  • Grave Robber’s Absinthe now has a Use Limit of 3.
  • Grave Robber’s Dead of Night no longer triggers effects if it misses.
  • Highwayman's Riposte max damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Highwayman's Riposte crit rate has been slightly reduced.
  • Highwayman’s Take Aim+ now grants 1 Dodge instead of 2.
  • Jester’s Inspiring Tune has a slightly lower Stress threshold requirement for use.
  • Man-at-Arms's Riposte max damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Man-at-Arms's Bolster has been reworked.
  • Plague Doctor's Ounce of Prevention+ now only heals Stress at threshold.
  • Hellion's Raucous Revelry and Raucous Revelry+ now only heal Stress at threshold.
  • Adjusted description of Hellion’s Winded Token to reflect that it persists until combat end.
  • Occultist's Wyrd Reconstruction no longer has a Battle Limit. Let the 0 heal Bleeds commence in abundance.


  • Blind Shaman's Blazing Aegis now has a 2 round Cooldown.
  • Whipper's Smoke 'Em no longer does damage and continues to ignore Riposte accordingly.

Plague Eaters

  • Plague Eater "Bilious" skills are now guaranteed to be used on next action after consuming a Corpse.

Lost Battalion

  • Lost Battalion Knight clears Blind when using En Garde.
  • Foot Soldier’s can no longer resist the Taunt component of the Drummer’s Defensive Formation buff.
  • Bullseye Barret can no longer fail to use Marked for Death because he's Blind.


  • Raised proc rate of Worship tokens on Evangelist/Cherub abilities to 100% from 67% on most abilities.
  • The Evangelist/Cherub Worship Skill will activate automatically on Round Start if they have sufficient Worship, to a maximum of once per Round.
  • Using the Worship skill now grants a 25% heal / clears DOTs on the targeted Deacon or Cardinal.
  • Raised minimum damage on Deacon's Flesh From Bone.
  • Fixed launch ranks for Deacon’s Flesh From Bone.
  • Improved damage of Deacon's Weight of Worlds.
  • Deacon now uses The Flesh Warps at combat start instead of on his first turn.
  • Deacon's Sundering Steel removes Block tokens (but still respects them for damage reduction of the hit itself).
  • Cardinal's Exultation now ignores and clears Riposte Tokens.


  • Antiquarian: Protect Me! now pushes Hatchetmen to the front and Crack Shots to the back, instead of forcing everyone to the front equally.
  • Antiquarian: Invigorating Vapors now grants 1 Strength Token (25% chance) in addition to the Dodge.
  • Antiquarian: Invigorating Vapors now affect herself in addition to teammates.
  • Antiquarian: Invigorating Vapors can no longer target corpses.


  • Shambler mobility has been fixed when using Skills.
  • Shamber behavior has bee.n slightly adjusted.

Dreaming General

  • Tap Root is no longer subject to retaliation or group attack actions, which caused the fight to stop functioning.
  • Dreaming General’s Strangle DOTs will no longer travel with a Hero should the line collapse
  • Heroes will now bark when using Whispering Darkness

Denial Boss


  • HP raised to 90 for all locks, increasing overall HP of battle to 360 from 300.
  • Shared skill Paralyzing Fear now inflicts Vulnerable in addition to the existing 75% chance of Stun.
  • Latch of Regrets Ruptured Vessel now inflicts Weak.
  • Bolt of Lamentations Mental
  • Lashes now inflicts Blind.


  • Whichever Lock uses Denial will also use their unique attack that round, increasing the total number of attacks each round by 1.
  • Locks will abide by the 3 round Denial cooldown as long as 3 or more Locks remain.
  • At 2 Locks, they no longer respect cooldown; one of the two will always use Denial and their unique skill.
  • At 1 Lock, the remaining monster will use its Denial and unique every round.
  • In addition, each Lock generates a unique buff on all surviving Locks when it dies. These buffs last for the duration of the fight.
  • Fixed several Hero skills that were inappropriately locked by certain Denials.

Hero Stories

  • Dismas Backstory 1: Adjusted description of Inhale to hopefully more elegantly outline that it cannot be Dodged.
  • Paracelsus Backstory 1: Moved the Stress heal component of Rebuttal to the Professor's Cough so that you can't face tank the fight by spamming it.
  • Added barks to cower and rally skills in Hellion chapter 2.
  • Increased damage from enemies in Hellion chapter 2 .

Misc. Gameplay

  • Updated and added some Tutorials.
  • Added more party names.
  • Sluice: fix to generation so they can appear anywhere between VALLEY and MOUNTAIN instead of only in ONE SPOT.
  • Battle modifier shaping: reduced chance in region 1, increased chances in later biomes, increased battle modifier chance with lower torch, increased power of some battle modifiers.
  • Battle configuration shaping experiment: no hards in first non-valley region; no easies once you are at 3rd full biome past valley.
  • Double Ghoul barricade mash no longer has a round limit. (Two ghouls enter no ghouls leave?)
  • Base scouting: 45% -> 37.5%. Goal is to ensure that scouting stagecoach upgrades and the Watchtower are valuable.
  • Base chance of quirk at inn: 75%->80%.
  • Reduced mastery point loot proc rate at road combats. These are not the primary source of mastery points, but are a nice bonus when they happen.
  • Changed HOPE bonus for killing bosses from 200 to 400 to incentivize more boss kills.
  • Antiquarian trinkets: wealth threshold to trigger their powers reduced from 75 to 35 to make them more valuable.
  • Fixes to Pillager battle configurations that had Crackshot in R1, where he is useless.
  • Guard token description fix.
  • Fix to Stimulating Poultice tooltip to make it accurate
  • Adjusted mop cost down.


  • Added disease glyph to appropriate choices.
  • Fixed mystery loot glyph in caged creature cosmic story.
  • AVOID story alignment added disharmonious definitions.
  • Misc fixes (barks, icons, alignments).

Known Issues

  • Jumbo Trunk is still missing it's item art. If anyone has seen it please send it home.

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